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A screenshot of the BikeMoves map screen showing the user's location on the mapA screenshot of the trip details screen showing the start point, end point, and route for a tripA screenshot of the statistics screen showing a bar graph of monthly trips for the year

BikeMoves Illinois is a free mobile app for Android and iOS that allows cyclists to record their routes and share them with local planners. Route information is used to plan for a safe and efficient bike network that works for everyone.


  • Local Data: The map shows the location of bikeways, trails, bike parking, and bike-related businesses.
  • Privacy: Trips are submitted anonymously and used only for planning purposes. We never make public the details of individual trips.
  • Automatic Recording: With the automatic recording option enabled, just start the app, jump on your bike, and go! Recording stops automatically when you reach your destination.

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BikeMoves Illinois is free and available for download on Android and iOS.

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